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Cookies policy

Wanaroo Summary

When visiting, we (or our authorised service providers) may use cookies (or web beacons or similar etc) for storing information that is essential to the ongoing development and enhancement of our site, to continuously deliver a safe, secure, fast advertising site fit for purpose intended.

Cookies are an essential part of online commerce, development and are very relevant. In fact helping to: Maintain functionality; improve functionality; improve performance; target extra services and functionality; target searches correctly and that are relevant. Session cookies only remain on your device for limit of your browser being active and persistent cookies remaining for longer, but feel completely free to delete, disable or block the use of cookies from your device settings or browser settings.

Our policy is to safeguard the cookie data generated and do our utmost with security measures. Only Wanaroo and any authorised service providers have specific access to cookie data, by means our identification protocol. Our Service providers are valuable to our business and are helping ongoing development with every element of our online business. In so doing they may place third-party cookies on your device through our commercial activity that identifies you through your IP address and your device. Again, feel completely free to delete, disable or block the use of cookies from your device settings or browser settings.

What are cookies?

Small data files that are placed on your device, whether that device be a laptop, personal computer, table, mobile phone or anything similar. These small data files record specific information when you engage in activity with our site and any of its tools or functionality. They allow Wanaroo to recognise your specific device or browser.


Cookies can be deleted, disabled and blocked by tools in your device settings or browser settings.

Cookies has now become a generic phrase, but similar technologies are used under the banner of cookies, such as flash cookies, HTML 5 cookies, local shared objects and storage, Web App software. We may use any of this technology to also identify you and your browsing profile.

First-party cookies are set by the site you are on.

Persistent cookies stay stored on your device between your browsing sessions and store history on preferences and what you browsed.

Sessions Cookies cease and expire and the end of usage with your browser and we can see your actions through a session of browsing.

Web beacons are small graphic images that Wanaro may use to correlate with cookies to identify you and your browsing pattern

Your choices and the impact on our use of cookies

Certain Wanaroo functionality is linked to your acceptance to our use of cookies on our site. By declining cookies you may lose certain functionality on some services that are additional value on top of the basic functionality of the site. One possible side effect is having to re-enter your login details. However. Please be advised that none of your actual personal information is stored on cookies and they only store habitual information that identifies your browsing habits. Cookie data being protected and only Wanaroo and its’ authorised third-party service providers having strict access.

We seek your consent with upfront and clear notice to the use of cookies on our site thus allowing you to make immediate choices in the first instance and thereafter, further choice to delete or disable the use of cookies through your device or browser settings.

Our specific use of cookies fall into the brackets of cookies that are:

Advertising Cookies: these allow increased accuracy with delivering you the relevant content to your interests, including adverts of relevance or products of relevance to your browsing profile. This is especially where we may include cookies of first and/or third party basis to deliver content.

Functional cookies: these allow increased and enhanced functionality on the site, including identifying you and tracking your personal preferences to enhance the presentation of items to you personally.

Operational cookies: these allow access to areas of the site, highlight and prevent fraudulent/suspicious behaviour, create greater security and tie in with saved search and shopping cart functionality.

Performance cookies: these assess the historical performance of our site, creating usable information and knowledge to how our visitors use Wanaroo. This being invaluable to continually trace, track, check and measure the real activity on our site.

Cookies used by authorized third-party service providers

As previously stated, we may work with third-party service providers who have our authorisation to place cookies for storing information on Wanaroo to help with consistency in safety, security, speed and a better guest experience. Using technology to potentially help deliver more content, more advertising, from strict and secure analysis of browsing and visitor behaviour/patterns. No service provider may collect personal information for their own use or consumption being tied up with legislation criteria, strict confidentiality agreements with Wanaroo and our Wanaroo Privacy Policy. With the sole exception of the use of our third-party service providers, we do not permit any third-party content on sites (such as item listings, classified listings, comments, reviews, etc.) to include any cookies or to collect your personal information. If you believe a listing or other third-party content might be collecting personal information on Wanaroo, please report it to Wanaroo through the contact section ASAP.