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Wanaroo beholds opportunity that has no limitations on this planet and is proactively recruiting and seeking talent acquisition on multiple levels.

We offer some of the best deals in the industry in potential remuneration for those that are self-starters with tenacity and determination, who will seize the moment and mobilize their talent and potential energy. Examples of opportunity, here follow, but please remember that they represent examples of some our existing commercial set-ups and we are not bound by limitations. So, if you have a proposal that you would like to discuss please email in complete confidence & respectively and let’s open up dialogue.

The existing Sales Agency Agreement opportunities are:

1.       Individual Country National Agency Agreement:

These agreements are available upon a franchise or Direct Agency basis. The key metric being the amount of manpower that you are also bringing into the equation and their specific locality. There may be some specific restrictions on multiple National Agency Agreements currently but it is always worth enquiring if you believe that you have some commercial weight and experience in Advertising sales and management.

2.       Regional Agency Agreement in a specific country:

With the sheer and logistics of most countries on earth, it lays down logical and multiple opportunities for individuals that have the weight of existing team recruitment concepts and a back ground on their locality and the competition. Please make contact with us immediately to discuss your proposal in depth and to see if your region in your country is available. Tenacious, experienced self-starters with a following of capable professionals are always welcome in our Wanaroo Team family. Email in confidence to discuss. Do not delay.

3.       Sales Agent Agreement in a specific territory of a specific country:

If you understand B2B Advertising in your region of your specific country and want to join the Wanaroo Team family of professionals we can support you and either place you in a local team or give you the professional nurturing, coaching and expertise to develop your own team and opportunity and help take your life to unprecedented levels of achievement. You know if you have the qualities for success from your existing achievements and we seek the best of the best, or individuals with the best attitude and level of commitment. Do not hesitate if you feel that you have what it takes and email us today. Only ever regret what you never tried and start your new career from now.

The existing Marketing Agency Agreement opportunities are:

1.       Tele-marketing Franchises:

Wanaroo seek external Tele-marketing Teams in all countries where we seek to promote our Advertising Portal. Remuneration is superb and fully supports the structure of this type of proactive client generation. We urgently seek your involvement and have no limitation to the global opportunities that are on the table right now. Where we operate as a massively cost effective and sensible value proposition for businesses, we will work with you on scripture and support to achieve greatness and become permanent in contract. Both Directors have huge experience in this field, so will you’re your talk. Please email us urgently to talk through your potential and proposal. Both

2.       B2B Direct Marketing/Canvassing:

If you manage a team of B2B Marketers or professional Canvassers knocking on doors of businesses physically, then we have the opportunity for you in most countries on this planet. The percentages are superb and allow you to fully manage your team and make profits that are good, realistic and long-term. Please email as soon as you can to discuss your territory and opportunity. An opportunity that is not regularly available now waiting for your attention.


The Directors of Wanaroo are great believers in the basic principle of a great product for a great cost, delivered by an amazing team who make amazing money for their amazing hard and loyal work.

We create balance and equilibrium, between the Business Customers, Potential Customers and the Wanaroo Agency Sales & Marketing Teams.

Quite simply – WIN – WIN – WIN –

So email us today and register your interest. Don’t leave it to your competitor to get in first, so make your move now.


Andrew & Matt.