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Terms of Use

Introduction to Wanaroo: (collectively referred to as Wanaroo) is a website provided to you by Wanaroo International Limited, Concept House, Ashleigh Way, Smithaleigh, Devon, PL7 5AX, registered in England and Wales with company number 9458328. By accessing and using Wanaroo you are hereby agreeing to the following terms of use, which constitute a legally binding agreement between you and Wanaroo International Limited. You accept these Terms of Use by reading them and by clicking the "Create Account" button when registering a Wanaroo account and by otherwise accessing or using the Wanaroo websites, services, applications and tools, including posting an Ad; or as otherwise indicated on a specific site, service, application or tool.

Terms of Use Agreement:

Dispute and Release:

Under the Terms of Use, if you use Wanaroo and enter a dispute with one or more of its Wanaro users or account holders, you release us (and our employees, our officers, directors, agents, sub-agents, subsidiaries, joint ventures companies and partnerships) from all claims, damages and demands (actual and/ consequential) of all kinds and nature, whether known or unknown, or arising out of or in anyway connected to and with such disputes.

Fees payable:

Wanaroo encourages the mass use of its site by encouraging both businesses and private sellers to use Wanaroo. Clearly, for an average private seller, there are no fees unless selecting a Special Feature that can incur a set fee. You must review and accept terms our Terms of Use, especially acknowledging the fee quoted which may be quoted in British Pounds Sterling or any other currency displayed. Any changes to the fee structure will be posted to the Wanaroo site, including any permanent or temporary promotional activity.

Any failure to pay Wanaroo fees when due or overdue may without prejudice result in the suspension of services and your account suspended or even terminated. If you are deemed to be in credit at any point in time that your account is terminated you may be entitles to a refund unless you committed the following: through use of our sites, services, applications and tools in the following cases: Ads placed in the wrong section; Breach of the Terms of Use and Posting Rules without limitation; Your Ad went live and you had clear benefit; You removed your Ad yourself; You posted duplicate Ads; You sold the item.

Global Presence:

Where Wanaroo operates on a global basis and platform, and may display your Ad on other sites, services, applications and tools, by using Wanaroo, you agree that your Ads can be displayed anywhere that Wanaroo has a cross marketing or cross use agreement. Different countries may have additional laws and restrictions, and it is your responsibility to make sure that you do not violate those if you choose to post an Ad with Wanaroo and its site. Failure to adhere to the policies, laws, regulations and restrictions of other countries may lead to the removal of your Ad.

Governing Law:

By using Wanaroo you agree to exclusive jurisdiction in respect to all of the laws of England and the United Kingdom. Any claim or dispute with Wanaroo International Limited being resolved through the judicial system of the United Kingdom. Any enforcement of any provision that is enforced by a court will not affect the remaining terms of this agreement.

All communication and notices relating to any matter legal or otherwise should be sent by registered mail to Wanaroo International Limited, Concept House, Ashleigh Way, Smithaleigh, Devon, PL8 5AX. Responses from the Wanaroo team will be forth coming by email or registered post to the address supplied by you. We allow 7 days for receipt of anything that we send you, following the day of mailing. 

This agreement may be updated at any time by Wanaroo, with updates acknowledged immediately to your next login, posting or within a calendar month of the date of which an amended agreement is displayed, whichever is sooner. No party or third party can amend this agreement.


Wanaroo accepts no liability for any accident, blame, death, fraud, fraudulent activity, fraudulent misrepresentation, misrepresentation resulting from any failing or negligence from its site by the posting of Ads. We do not review Ads and hence you do not hold us responsible for the actions of users of Wanaroo and accept that we have no guarantee of accuracy, content, safety, legality and grammar of postings and their associated content. That includes not accepting liability for any Ad or posting that encompasses abusive, defamatory, indecent, obscene or threatening material or information, especially if violating or infringing the rights of others, without limitation, inclusive of any act that encourages or constitutes a criminal act, breaks any civil law or liberty.

We offer no guarantee that we operate with continuous error-free secure access to Wanaroo. Every reasonable effort is made to offer and maintain an uninterrupted service, and it is acknowledged by you that we offer no guarantee or warranty (implied or expressed) about the functionality, operation of our site and its tools and features. Therefore within the confines of what is legally permitted, we disclaim all conditions and warranties with regard to our site for design, durability, functionality, quality, use or for use and purpose intended. Holding no accountability for any liability or any loss whatsoever, inclusive of consequential damages, damages, image, goodwill, money, profit, reputation when using Wanaroo correctly or incorrectly, whether foreseen or unforeseen. If by virtue of global territory, this disclaimer does not apply, you agree that if Wanaroo is found to be liable, our liability to you or any third party effected is limited to the total fees that you have paid within the previous 12 months to the act that gave rise to such claim, only.

Resolution of disputes:

If you have any cause to have a dispute with Wanaroo, please check the help pages first and read the Terms of Use, before communicating with us. We will always try to resolve a dispute effectively through reasonable mediums such as arbitration and mediation to avoid litigation, leaving that course as the last action we will consider.

The Rights of a Third party:

Any person that has not read the Terms of Use, any person that is a non-user of Wanaroo or any person not a party to this Wanaroo Agreement has no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of this User Agreement but this does not affect any right or remedy of a third party specified in this Agreement or which exists or is available apart from that Act

Third Party Infringement:

Respect at all times the Intellectual property rights, trademarks, copyrights design and content of all original products and do not post Ads that create a clear Third Party Infringement. Third Parties entitled can ask and apply to have such Ads that infringe on their rights removed forthwith. If a clear breach is visible Wanaroo will remove such Ads. If you are the private individual or business that needs to report an infringement of their legal intellectual property rights, then please email Wanaroo and define exactly what the issue is and which Ad is needing to be reported and we will investigate accordingly.

Using Wanaroo:

When using Wanaroo and its related websites, services, applications and tools, it is a condition that you agree that you will not:

Affect or infringe any third-party or third-party right or rights;

Break any laws whatsoever;

Break any Posting Rules;

Collect information about Wanaroo users, including all personal details without their consent;

Copy content, duplicate, distribute anything belonging to another person without legal consent;

Distribute, copy, modify content from this Wanaroo site;

Interfere, cause disruption or hack Wanaroo or its Wanaroo users;

Post spam or chain letters, including ponzi or pyramid schemes;

Post viruses or engage in any technology to wilfully and knowingly harm Wanaroo and/or its Wanaroo users;

Post or attempt to sell any fake, counterfeit or copied goods that infringe copyright, trademark and rights of others;

Use any abusive, defamatory or threatening language within your posting;

Use any indecent or obscene images, material or photographs within your posting;

Use automated technology or means to access Wanaroo (including robot spiders and scarpers) and collect information and content for any purpose;

Use false information, false material or misleading information in your posting

When placing an Ad on Wanaroo it is your responsibility and your sole responsibility to make sure that all of the information provided is true, honest, correct and not misleading in any way, term or fashion. Any subsequent consequence resulting from an Ad posting, being your absolute sole responsibility and not the responsibility of Wanaroo as we do not accept any liability for any unlawful acts committed by any Wanaroo user or external third-party. A breach of Wanaroo Terms of Use may result in the restriction or removal/deletion of that users Ad or account with Wanaroo. We reserve the right to notify other Wanaroo users if we have information or clear identification that you are in breach of our Terms of Use, and/or acting suspiciously with clear intent and will warn them accordingly. In the most serious cases, we reserve the right to permanently delete and refuse further registration to advertise on Wanaroo.

If you experience problems from breaches of Terms of Use, please report it to the Wanaroo help team as soon as you can.   

Wanaroo Terms in General:

The Terms that are listed and posted on Wanaroo, form and constitute the legal agreement between you and Wanaroo. For the avoidance of doubt, this agreement does not create, encourage, form, or intend to give impression to any status of agency, employee, employer, franchise, franchisee, JV (joint-venture), partnership or any other possible commercial relationship.

Your Content on Wanaroo:

Wanaroo, its site and content is protected by copyright law and all that you display is protected as a compilation. Do not copy, change, modify or distribute any of Wanaroo content without the written legal permission of Wanaroo. Only using Wanaroo for your own content and no other purpose. When you place the content with Wanaroo you grant us full rights to use your content globally, world-wide, irrevocably, royalty-free, sub-licensable inclusive of copyright, design, trademarks, publicity and intellectual property rights, so that we may facilitate your Ad in multiple locations and classified platforms globally without any hindrance whatsoever. Thus, for the avoidance of doubt, you therefore waive all moral rights to the fullest extent with the permissions of law globally.

Any content supplied by Wanaroo automatically or to supplement information required in your Ad could be supplied by third parties. For example, content, specification and descriptions relating to a product. This information and service is used at your own risk and Wanaroo is not accountable for any inaccuracies. If the information is subject to any protection from copyright and trademark, do not remove it from Wanaroo. This type of information is changeable and available at the sole discretion of Wanaroo. 

Your Personal Information:

You hereby agree by using Wanaroo, to the act of Wanaroo collecting your personal information to be held on our servers and platforms globally as described in our privacy policy. You also agree and allow Wanaroo to transfer and use your personal information, so that you may receive communications and also marketing communications, from Wanaroo unless you prefer to not receive such communications. You can of course contact Wanaroo anytime to opt out of marketing communications and we will support your decision.  

Using Wanaroo Classified Ad Site:

We try our best to create a buy and sell platform that looks after the interests of both parties, so we have some simple rules:

a)       You have be at least 18 (eighteen years old) to use this site.

b)       No spam. Including key word and Ad spamming.

c)       Only one account is allowed per person.

d)       Maximum of 6 personal adverts is allowed per private account.

If you try to use more than one account we will restrict your access to your accounts and prevent misuse of this platform.

When Advertising:

a)       Use actual, factual information and describe your goods or services with honesty and integrity.

b)       Display accurate clear photographs or images relating to your goods, product or services.

c)       Do not use images or images of items or property that do not belong to you and do not attempt to sell items that are not your legal possession or goods to sell.

d)       Put your items or goods in the correct category as this optimizes and increases your chances of success when people are searching.

e)       Use correct spelling and language, and refrain from swear words and/or any language that could be deemed illegal or abusive.

f)       Do not duplicate your adverts.

g)       Only use one item on one Ad, making sure that your Ad is an item that is allowed.

h)       Please check our: ‘Not permitted’ to be sold list here.

e)       Do not put phone numbers, email addresses or any contact details in titles or descriptions.

f)       As a personal advertiser do not put links to any other websites in your Ad.

g)   Use the space provided as instructed.

h)       Remember to remove the Ad as soon as you can, after selling it.

Not Permitted List:

If you place an Ad of a non-permitted item, an illegal item or an item that does not belong to you, you will be asked to remove the Ad with immediate effect. If this does not happen, we will remove the Ad permanently ourselves.

Non-Permitted Item list is:

a)       Alcohol.

b)       Animal parts or stuffed animals.

c)       Animals that are banned.

d)       Bonds and capital bonds.

e)       Bongs or botox.

f)       Cigarettes and cigars

g)       Drug paraphernalia.

h)       Drugs of any kind whatsoever, whether legal or illegal, including legal highs.

i)        Fake, counterfeit, replica, unauthorized, copied or illegal.

j)       Fireworks.

k)       Footballs.

l)        Games, game consoles or computer software that is unlocked.

m)      GPS signal blockers.

n)       Hate organizations.

o)       Human parts, of any kind.

p)       Lottery tickets.

q)       Personal Information, or mailing lists.

r)       Parking tickets or permits, public transport tickets, including train, bus or coach unless licensed.

s)       Red diesel.

t)       Shares.

u)       Stolen goods of any kind.

v)       Tobacco.

w)      Unlocking software.

x)       Used underwear.

y)       Votes.

z)       Weapons that are illegal


Advertising on Wanaroo

As a private advertiser you can upload up to 6 items completely free of charge. If you choose enhanced features then of course there fees involved and you will see them as you as you go through the uploading process.

As an agent, business, dealer, proprietor, landlord, company or self-employed person you do have to pay fees to subscribe to Wanaroo. But unlike most Advertising Portals & Sites, Wanaroo let you post the Ads for 1 year, thus making tremendous commercial sense. The exposure is long-term and means that we can form a serious part of your trading commercial strategy.

Businesses can place Ads on the category for private sellers free of charge during their first year with Wanaroo to encourage the growth of their respective business.

The business Ad must be listed as a business Ad in the private listing category if that is the area that the business wants to place an Ad. So a business must not list anything under a private Ad. Any business caught posting as a private seller will have the Ad removed. Details on Company name, Company Address, Company registration number and VAT number must be supplied, with the company email address being used as standard.

I am not happy with a purchase:

If the description was different to what you received, you may be able to get a refund or a replacement.

If purchased on Wanaroo from a business Ad account holder, you have statutory rights as a consumer. Under the Sale of Goods Act 1979, this outlines your basic rights as a consumer with regard to refunds, repairs and replacements.

But first line of approach is always to message the business seller and be honest, asking for their help and see how they would like to proceed. Communication that is clear, concise and with mutual respect will help to resolve the matter in most instances.

As a classified Ad site we do not offer any mediation or dispute involvement, however we will remove Ads and reserve the right to cancel subscriptions in the event of anything deemed to be illegal or involving law breaking.

PAYPAL operate their own protection and complaints procedure that is very thorough, so though the charge fees, there is much peace of mind to be gained from their services if you have an account with them.

Prevention is better than cure:

As always, a little bit more time taken on understanding who is selling items and from where, can shed a lot of the layers of worry when spending our hard earned money. To that end:

Check out the business name, business address, and ask for the name of the seller personally. Search online for their website and look for surety in their operation identity.

Be hands on with seeing the goods and make sure that you are shown them operating or the condition before your eyes, if collecting or there is a personal delivery. If being posted, as the seller to send you a recording clip dated same day as despatched to send to you in advance so that you have a further clear image of the item and proof of its functionality and being fit for purpose.

If you're taking on a new Pet:          

See the records on the health of the animal, asking to see VET records if possible.

Try to see the pet in its natural environment before you commit do you get a real understanding of where it has been living and what lifestyle it has had. You can use this information wisely to organise your space to make it similar or better for less trauma to the Pet.

When buying young animals make sure that you see the mother and check on their history if possible.

Never agree to meet sellers of Pets in random places like car parks or houses of their friends etc. If you do it may expose you to risk of buying a stolen animal.

It is now Law to have dogs micro-chipped, so make sure you gain all information of this from a current dog owner if you take on their Pet, and proceed to get the chip registration changed to your name.

Rules when placing Pet Ads

Make sure that the animal described is represented with a photograph of the animal and not a generic image.

Do not advertise:

a)       Mistreated animals, as we will notify the RSPCA, Trading Standards Agency and all other respective agencies.

b)       Animals to sell for consumption or food.

c)       Animals that fall under Dangerous Animals Act and animals banned for Sale under existing legislation

d)       Animals that will be sold or given away to anyone under the age of 18 years.

e)       Any Ad that promotes animal fighting or the selling of animals for fighting.

f)       Dogs that are banned breeds found under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

g)       Endangered Species and Protected Species.

h)       Hedge hogs, protected and endangered species.

e)       Wild cats, exotic animals or any zoo animals.

When re-homing a pet

Serious consideration must be given before contemplating re-homing a pet, irrespective of your previous experiences. A very long-term view should be taken moreover than a trial and ‘let’s see how we get on’ type scenarios. A loving and caring, stable environment must be at the fore-front of your mind as pets can live for years.

If you are offering your Pet for re-homing:

Take the time to screen the people and visit exactly where your pet will end up.

Make sure that the place is fit for the purpose intended and you feel comfortable with the integrity of the individuals.

Do not be afraid to ask to see ID to verify their identity and address.

Remember that given your pets away free increases the likelihood of a negative result as the potential base of individuals will increase pro-rata unless you ask for money.

Wanaroo and fake items:

We expressly do not allow the sale of any good that are copied, counterfeit, fake, pirate or replica items that are illegal.

Not only do we police this, but we will remove Ads immediately if we find them. This does not mean that we offer any guarantee whatsoever that we can stop the resell of fake items, as ultimately the responsibility is with the seller and the buyer to be honest and have integrity.

If ever in doubt, ask the seller deeper questions and check recognisable paperwork like original receipts or warrantees, before you buy anything. A common sense approach and being upfront with questions is advisable, as if original it will not be so difficult for the seller to prove this.

When Advertising in Motors:

When using the Motors section there are some additional rules to remember, in order to maintain commercial ambience and balance between businesses/trade/dealers and personal/private advertisers.

Businesses, dealers and traders must place the Motor Ads as ‘Trader’ so people who use the site can see clearly that you are a dealer. This prevents misrepresentation and specific law breaking by businesses as have to legally advertise in the ‘Trader’ account classification.

Always display the Vehicle Registration Number and do not conceal it at any time. This allows potential buyers to search your vehicle and encourages a safer sale scenario.

When posting a vehicle Ad as a personal/private seller, please remember that you can only post one free Ad for a vehicle at any point in time. You can obviously purchase additional Ads but they must be paid for.

Vehicle Ad listing purchase prices must be correct and not reduced to fictitiously gain interest or to trick people to come to see your vehicle.

Remember that Government Vehicle Tax in the UK, is no longer able to be transferred between owners, so there is no need to mention it at all on any vehicle Ads.

Contacting Wanaroo:

If you need to call and speak to somebody in the Wanaroo Team, please telephone on: +44 (0) 203 195 3860

The office is open Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 6pm.

For normal enquiries, please email and we will reply urgently.