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Help & FAQ's

For all general enquires and assistance relating to your account email


As a seller, how do I offer a discount?

Offering a discount on your products through wanaroo is as easy as 1,2,3. When listing an advert you will see the following options:

“Offer Discount Voucher”- Here you simply select yes or no to whether you are offering a discount with the product you are selling.

“Discount Information”- In this section you can write a short summary of the discount you are offering and tell people to view and download your voucher.

“Discount Voucher”- The third and final step is to upload your discount voucher. To do this you can use our discount voucher template or feel free to create your own! Just fill in your voucher information, add an image, voucher code/reference number, terms and conditions and that’s it. Save and upload your voucher as a PDF file and you now have a discount on your product and your advert will be featured in the discount section of our site gaining more exposure.

If you want to list your advert first and then create and upload a discount voucher later you can do so! Just go to your active listings, select the advert you want to offer a discount for, under “actions” select edit and you’ll have the option to add discount information.

Any questions regarding offering a discount email

Can I advertise for free on Wanaroo?

Yes! As a private user you can upload up to 6 ads completely free of charge. If you choose to have your advert featured or highlighted then of course there are fees involved which you will see as you as you go through the uploading process.

As an agent, business, dealer, proprietor, company or self-employed person you do have to pay fees to subscribe to Wanaroo. But unlike most Advertising portals & sites, Wanaroo let you post ads for 1 year, thus making tremendous commercial sense. The exposure is long-term and means that we can form a serious part of your trading commercial strategy.

Can I upgrade from a private account to a business account?

Of course! Just email and we will take you through the process to upgrading your account.

How do I edit or delete my advert?

To modify a listing, in the drop down selection next to your username, enter the “My Listings” section. Here you will be able to manage, edit and delete any of your adverts, to do so select one of the options within the action column. You are able to:

-Edit your listing

-Add or remove photos

-Upgrade your ad

-Delete your ad

How do I change my phone number, email or other personal details?

To change any personal details, in the drop down selection next to your username, enter the “Account Info” section. Here you are able to modify all of your personal information, change your email address, update password etc.